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Career Opportunities

Southern Maine is a great place to live and work. Salem Advisory Group has created a financial firm tailored to

not only meet the needs of our clientele, but also our employees. Our advisors have other interests:

  • A licensed electrician
  • Works at LL Bean
  • Professional Referee
  • Semi Pro Golfer
  • Mortgage Originator
  • Healthcare Specialist


We recognize building assets under management takes time. Yet, advisors still need to pay bills!


Generous payouts

Health Insurance


Disability Insurance



Back Office Support

No Production Quotas

No Minimum Account Size

Stress Free Work Environment



Our advisors can pursue other interests because we have a full time Portfolio Manager who oversees all assets on a day-to-day basis. This means our advisors can pursue other interests without worrying their client’s assets are not being professionally managed.


After 8 years being duly registered, we’ve streamlined our process while offering better options for our clients as a Registered Investment Advisory with TD Ameritrade. With modern software and the TD Ameritrade RIA investment platform we believe we can manage investment portfolios of any size and make up.

Salem Advisory Group, LLC owns an Insurance Agency.

If your professional interest is asset management, financial planning, insurance products and services we would love to have you explore opportunities here at Salem Advisory.

Salem Advisory Group is a Registered Investment Advisory firm. We have clients in 12 states and are expanding.

  • Performance Reports
  • Company newsletter
  • No Transaction Fee funds
  • Full-time Portfolio Manger
  • Morningstar Office Analytics
  • Redtail CRM
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • MoneyGuide Pro

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