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Intern Program

We have a twofold goal at Salem Advisory Group with respect to interns.

First, we want to provide the day to day business of being a financial advisor. This business, like all businesses, is not for everyone. Better to find out before graduation if a student needs to focus in another area of study.

Secondly, we want to grow our business and recognize our unique perspective would be a great place for someone new to the industry to start out. We hope to create a win-win situation.

Many firms require a new advisor to start out one step from the mailroom; we feel that is inappropriate for a college graduate. Other firms have minimum production quotas and become revolving doors for new candidates. We have no minimum account size, no production quotas and realize advisors new to this industry may need second and third jobs to pay the bills during the early years. In fact, most advisors here have some extracurricular activity income, for example, our President referees college lacrosse.

We require the intern to pass the Series 65 Exam before interning here. We are a fee only investment advisory firm and only properly licensed individuals can earn fees, therefore to be paid, the intern must be licensed. There is also an important compliance issue: should someone, for any reason, think the intern is providing financial advice, they must be licensed. The Series 65 Timeline should help plan out the process. Plus, passing the Series 65 is a big feather in anyone’s cap should they apply at a big multinational firm upon graduation or open their own firm. Another important consideration is to get the most out of your time with us. One must pass the Series 65 before acting in the capacity of a financial advisor, and that is the point of working here . . . we’re not looking for a free file clerk.

The Internship Syllabus covers the various areas in which we concentrate. By the end of the internship we would like the student to have some clients they work which allows them to earn income. If the student chooses to work here after graduation those clients will be reassigned and become the beginning of their portfolio.

Kevin Colley, President, CCO & Portfolio Manager is available by phone, email or in person to discuss the opportunities further. Thank you for your interest in Salem Advisory Group, LLC.

Phone: 207-641-8332 x-303